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Downtown Indy is experiencing a resurgence.

Fountain Square and Fletcher Place in particular have been
recognized nationally  as cultural destinations known for artisan
restaurants and bakeries, craft breweries, art galleries, antique and music venues, and night life.

New  developments along Virginia Ave. have brought a strong influx of people to the neighborhoods.

Rebuilding and remodeling is prevalent throughout the residential sector of Fletcher Place, Holy-Rosary, Fountain Square and Bates-Hendricks as people are once again taking pride in their neighborhoods and homes.

Urban, public green spaces, however, are few and far between. And a literal divide remains.

Enter… The Idle.

Within the urban fabric of the city it will provide a much needed public apace to sit and observe the highway, daydream, connect with nature, or just talk with each other.

Most importantly, it will create a physical connection between some of Indy’s most diverse and historic neighborhoods.